Having broad international experience in various industries, East, West, North and South, and at the same time being what the Chinese call “old China hands”, we are here to offer you a full range of services.

Our main idea is to cultivate a personal, friendly, human approach to each and every client. From the very first time you thought of doing business in China, through your first step off the plane and your taxi ride back to the airport, we will be here to fully devote our time and expertise and provide you with comprehensive consultancy in every phase necessary to establish your successful business cooperation with China.

When the word “China” pops up in your mind, and you believe you have an interesting business idea that is worth pursuing, contact us and we will make all the things work, because…

We’ve got the formula for China!

Partners for over 10 years, Mike, Nikola, and Marko have always had a vision to establish a network of warm-hearted and creative people who will unite their energy and strengths to make this world a better place.

With broad interests in life, we are always trying to use the best of our knowledge, intellect, and wisdom, engaging our brains to the full capacity.

We are located in the super exciting city of Shanghai, financial, manufacturing, and logistics hub of the world, a perfect place to realize our dreams.

Shanghai in Chinese means “Upon the Sea”, and for us, the sea symbolizes the source of life, the powerful tide of energy that can drive you forward and bring calmness and peace of mind. That is why for us sea is the main life motif.


By mixing top education background, vast professional experience, and gamut of knowledge and information gathered in everyday situations, we can create a perfect formula that will relieve your headaches and make your life a breeze.

We strongly believe that our mutual understanding and friendly cooperation will result in your continuous growth and profit.


Shanghai Formula Ltd.
2003, 20/F, Tower 5,
China Hong Kong City
33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui,
Kowloon, Hong Kong

China Headquarters
Room 203, Building 1
No. 1222 Kaixuan Road
Changning District, Shanghai
200050, China

+86 150 212 42364

Other offices

United States – New York City
+1 646 238 5781

Russia – Moscow
+7 916 231 3034

Germany – Frankfurt am Main
+49 176 324 59306

Serbia – Belgrade
+381 64 1765 685

Thailand – Hat Yai
+opening soon
United Kingdom – London
+ 44 7799503220

Spain & Portugal – Barcelona, Porto
+351 913 824480

Middle East Region - UAE – Dubai
+971 551 757049

Australia, Perth
+61 417 709588


We’ve got the formula for China! 2024